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Sydney Arrival Package

UltimateOz Sydney

Our most-popular package, with 7-days of guided group activities and 12-months of job offers, all over Australia. More…

East Coast

UltimateOz East Coast

UltimateOz Sydney plus an amazing East Coast adventure! Open-dated and flexible, so you can travel at your own pace! More…

Outback Ranch

UltimateOz Ranch

UltimateOz Sydney plus a 1-week Ranch Course in Outback NSW with guaranteed job upon completion. More…


UltimateOz Surfcamp

UltimateOz Sydney plus 5 days of fun at UltimateOz Surfcamp, learning to surf with your new mates in Oz. More…


UltimateOz Cairns

2-nights at our luxury backpacker hostel plus a day trip to rainforest waterfalls.  More…

Ultimate Thailand

Ultimate Thailand

10-day intro to Thailand! See the temples Bangkok, stay on rafthouses in the jungle, visit ‘The Beach’ and party in Koh Phangan! More…

UltimateOz Tours

Shark Cage Dive

Shark Cage Dive

Cage dive with Great White Sharks in South Australia. Not for the faint-hearted! From $495!


14000ft Skydive

60-second freefall and an experience you’ll never forget. Jump sites across Oz. From $299!


Canyoning & Abseiling

One of our favourite adventure activities in Sydney’s Blue Mountains. From $125!

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting

You have to try whitewater rafting, it rocks! Loads of fun and scary as hell! From $189!

Quad Bike ATV

Jungle Quad ATV

An awesome way to spend a day in Cairns. Get ready to get dirty! From $130!

Cairns Bungy

Cairns Bungy

Scream like a baby as you leap 50-metres into the rainforest. From $169!

Everything you need for an amazing gapyear in Australia!